Irving Texas Big Rig Towing and Recovery

Are you stranded on the shoulder? Have a vehicle in a ditch, overturned, or even underwater?  You need an experienced and professional company that will arrive when they say they will, with no hidden fees or surprises tacked on to their estimate.  And you want it fast.  Hollywood Towing is the Irving leader for expert 24-hour emergency towing and rescue.  We specialize in those difficult and challenging situations such as big rig towing and big rig recovery.  We also offer superior general towing service, fleet services, and roadside assistance.

Hollywood has over 15 years of towing experience, with a focus on customer satisfaction.  For well over a decade now we’ve added heavy-duty towing and vehicle recovery services to our medium- and light-duty services.  We tackle the jobs that others simply can’t handle.  Our wrecker fleet includes

  • heavy-duty trucks with 110,000 pound capacity and dual 35-ton wenches,
  • 15,000 pound large flatbed medium-duty wreckers, and
  • 8,000 pound low-clearance light-duty easy loaders.

We also maintain an extensive array of recovery equipment as well as a secure storage impound facility.  We’re fully insured and hold TDLR licensing and employ certified and permitted operators.

At Hollywood we know that every minute counts when you’re stranded, and that every hour has an impact on your business. You’ll reach a knowledgeable live dispatcher 24/7 who will invariably send out the right truck, with an experienced operator having the right classification, right away.

Big Rig Towing Service

We specialize in big-rig heavy-duty towing, including tractor trailers and semi’s, delivery trucks, and buses.  That expertise means prompt and efficient recovery and towing of even the largest vehicles as well as loaded trailers.  And our under-reach and wheel-lift capabilities keep it damage free.

Fleet Services

Our 24/7 fleet services include recovery and roadside assistance for sedans as well as light-, medium-, and heavy-duty commercial vehicles.

Big Rig Recovery

Our big-rig expertise also includes recovery for even the most difficult situations.  We’re often called upon by local law enforcement to clear freeways and roadways after accidents, and even by other tow companies when they’re wreckers run into trouble.  And of course we’re more than ready for recovering smaller vehicles.

Towing and Vehicle Recovery

Hollywood is also well prepared for smaller vehicles, from sedans to SUVs and vans, with a fleet of highly versatile wreckers.  If needed we can dispatch a wrecker with special equipment to handle vehicles that won’t roll due to a frozen transmission, damaged wheels, or other problem.

Roadside Assistance

We’re also happy to provide 24 hour emergency roadside assistance for our fleet services customers such as jump-starts, pull-starts, tire changes, and unlocks.  Motorists appreciate our prompt dispatch and a genuine ETA that doesn’t leave them wondering.

Towing Service

In addition to serving the greater Dallas Fort Worth metro area, we serve north central Texas, New Mexico, Oklahoma, Louisiana, and Arkansas.  We provide exceptional no-damage tows for sedans and luxury vehicles, motorcycles, and more… all with an emphasis on courteous operators and great customer service.

Athletic Irving TX

With a population of some 228,653 residents (,_Texas)  Irving has more than its share of football notaries.  We’ve been home to Akin Ayodele, Brian Bosworth, Demarcus Faggins, Michael Huff, and Tyson Thompson.  The city now hosts an annual PGA event, and other sports notables include Less Lancaster (baseball), Jeremy Wariner (Olympic sprinter), and Kerry Wood (baseball).