Grapevine Texas Big Rig Towing and Recovery

When you need 24 hour emergency roadside assistance, we’re ready for anything from autos to big rig towing and recovery.  Hollywood Towing has over 40 years experience in automotive and fleet services, and fully appreciates the costs of downtime for commercial vehicles, in both dollars and in meeting commitments.  So we’re live 24/7 for prompt dispatch.  Our experts will provide a real ETA and quote, and send the right truck and operator the first time.

TDLR licensed, we follow industry best practices and all local, state and federal regulations. Hollywood is a member of Southwest Tow Operators and the Greater Dallas Emergency Wrecker Association.  We operate apportioned registration throughout TX as well as the surrounding states.  We work with all insurance companies, and are frequently called upon by local law enforcement for towing and impoundment.  We’re a single company you can call for all of your needs.

Need A Tow In Grapevine, Texas?

Grapevine Fleet Services

We want to be your fleet services partner, earning your business with expert 24 hour towing and recovery work backed by excellent customer support.  Our roadside assistance includes jump-starts, tire changes and lockouts.  Our fleet towing service expertise includes winch-outs and secure storage until insurance inspections or until a repair shop is open.

Grapevine Towing Services

Hollywood’s fleet includes heavy-duty, medium, and light-duty wreckers.  Our heavy duty trucks have 110,000 pound capacity and dual 35-ton winches for semis, buses, trucks, and vans.  Our midsize tow trucks have greater maneuverability and 21-foot flat beds to accommodate a wide variety of vehicles, including SUVs, motorcycles, machinery, and construction vehicles.  Our dolly systems provide complete lift-up for vehicles that won’t roll. Our light-duty tow trucks offer excellent maneuverability, and offer low-clearance access for most parking garages.  Above all, we use the right equipment and take the necessary time for damage-free service.

Grapevine Big Rig Towing and Recovery

We offer big rig towing and recovery for tractor-trailers, semis, and more.  We have the heavy duty towing experience and equipment it takes to tackle the toughest jobs, including fully-loaded and overturned big rig towing. Whether broken down, in the mud, overturned, or even under water, our towing and big rig recovery crews have exceptional capabilities.

Grapevine, Texas

You probably know about our historic downtown along with hundreds of restaurants and wine tasting rooms, but here’s a bit of history you might not be aware of. Texas was opened to homesteaders in 1843 by General Sam Houston and fellow Commissioners at the location that eventually became Grapevine. At the time it was wild grapes that gave the name.  The area grew slowly, with an 1890 population of around 800 people.  Grapevine was incorporated in 1936 and remained an agricultural region until the early 1970s.  That changed with the 1974 opening of the DFW International Airport in 1974, making the area a center for commerce. Recently have we seen the growth of vineyards and wineries.  In 2007 named Grapevine one of America’s best places to live.  As of the U.S. census of 2013, population was 50,195.