Garland TX Big Rig Towing and Recovery

Need a commercial tow or accident recovery?  Our emergency services are available 24/7/365.  We specialize in big rig towing and big rig recovery, and also offer superb medium and light duty towing service and recoveries for Garland and beyond.  Hollywood Towing serves the DFW Metro area, and can provide apportioned towing throughout TX and surrounding states.  Whether you’re facing an overturned tractor-trailer, a truck off-road in the mud, or need fleet services we’re more than ready.

We have a 15-year track record of successfully taking on the toughest jobs, and have been in vehicle related business for over 40 years.  Our skilled team is ready to handle fully loaded overturned big rig recovery, and even underwater recoveries.  We work closely with insurance companies as well as local law enforcement to save you time, money, and distractions from running your business.  We’re TDLR licensed and fully insured, and are members in good standing in the Southwest Tow Operators.  Hollywood maintains a fleet of tow trucks with a range of capacities as well as a complete inventory of equipment.  We also have certified operators in all classifications.

Our managers want every customer to become a lifetime customer, and understand the value of each hour that you have vehicle out of commission.  You can count on our dispatchers to promptly send out the right vehicle, the right operator, and the right equipment the first time.  Every time.

Recovery Equipment

We have everything necessary for night-time recoveries as well as just about any special situation.  That includes chains, chain saws. end loaders, generators, lighting equipment (including portable high-powered lights), skid-steers, torches, and more.

Need A Tow In Garland, Texas?

Heavy Duty Towing and Recovery Garland

Our heavy duty towing wreckers have a 110,000 lb capacity and are equipped with two 35-ton air DP winches with winch brakes.  With under-reach and wheel lift gear we can provide damage-free big rig recovery and big rig towing.  We’re the experts when it comes to tractor-trailers, semis, bucket trucks, delivery trucks, box vans, and so on.

Medium and Light Duty Towing Garland

We also have trucks that are ideal for light and medium duty towing for on-shoulder as well as extreme accident recovery, mud, and rollovers. 

Our most requested trucks are our medium-duty Kenworth T300 flatbeds with capacities of  15,000 lb, 102″ by 22.’  Special features include a wheel lift for vehicles missing wheels as well as air ride and air brakes for extra safety.  The Kenworth is ideally suited for all-wheel drive vehicles, cars, box trucks, forklifts, pickups, SUVs, and utility trucks as well as for large ball hitch trailers and cargo.

We also have light-duty Chevrolet 3500 easy loaders.  Their small footprint and 6’6″ vertical clearance makes them ideal for tight spaces.  With an 8,000 lb capacity they also have a dolly system that lifts all 4 wheels off the ground for vehicles that can’t roll. 

Fleet Recovery Services Garland

We also offer fleet recovery service along with overnight storage and impoundment, following all local, state, and federal regulations to the letter. Our fleet services include roadside assistance as well as damage-free local and long-distance towing extending into adjacent states.  We’re ready for countless light and medium duty needs, including machinery and construction vehicles, as part of our fleet services.

Growing Garland Texas

Despite disasters, including 2 major tornadoes, Garland has continued to grow for well over a century.  Here’s a brief time line

·         around 1850 immigrants began to arrive in the area

·         1874 the communities of Embree and Duck Creek are formed

·         1877 to resolve rivalry between those communities a post office is located between them, and named after U.S. Attorney General August Garland

·         1891 the communities and post office are combined into the City of Garland

·         1904 population reaches a whopping 819 people

·         1950 the city has grown to over 10,000 people

·         1960 with the suburban boom, Garland leaps to 35,800 residents in a single decade

·         2008 CNN and Money Magazine ranks the city #67 in their Top 100 Places to Live

·         2010 U.S. census puts population at 226,876

·         2015 Garland is ranked the #6 best city for working parents and the #8 best run city in America