Light & Medium Towing

Medium Duty Towing

Hollywood’s medium duty trucks are the most versatile tow trucks on the road today. These trucks have capability to tow anything from a passenger car or truck to a truck tractor. They are also great recovery trucks, perfect for recovering vehicles that have gone into a ditch or stuck off hard surface. They allow us to retrieve vehicles in the most confining situations. The medium size allow for superior maneuvering with greater towing and recovering power than a small tow truck.

They are ideal for the following:

  • Grumman, (Bread Truck, Walk-in) example UPS or Fed-X delivery trucks
  • Class C Motor Homes
  • 1-Ton vehicles, Box-Trucks, Utility Trucks • Cut-Away vehicles including Buses, Shuttles, Delivery trucks
  • Large ball hitch Trailers

Flatbed Car Carriers are the Requested Truck for Many Applications

Safety and strength are the key words used when referring to our fleet of flatbeds. The Kenworth T300s are the heaviest flatbed in service with a 15,000 LB capacity on beds spanning 22’ long by 102” wide. This tilt-bed truck is ideal for hauling vehicles or cargo including fork lifts, containment boxes, and miscellaneous equipment. The safety factor is amplified with air ride and air brakes. The extra strong wheel lift allows the transport of 2 vehicles at one time. Even though they are often used to assist with heavy duty recoveries, it is no wonder this recovery vehicle is the most requested stand alone truck in freeway recoveries.

These trucks are ideal for the following jobs:

  • Exotic, Classic, Show, Low Rider vehicle transport
  • Fully dressed motorcycles
  • Extreme Accident recovery and transport • Forklift and Equipment Transport
  • Unloading Vehicles / Equipment out of Trailer, Containers, or Storage
  • Vehicles missing wheels • Man-Lifts
  • S.U.V, All Wheel Drive Vehicles

Light Duty (Easy Loaders): Chevrolet 3500s

These trucks provide the smallest road recovery foot print (great for tight places) while providing excellent quick clearing recovery capabilities. An 8,000 lb winch makes them ideal for recoveries involving mud and rollovers. Boom and recovery inside the cab via remote control greatly increases the operator’s safety by minimizing his time spent outside the truck. Specially designed, easy to use, straps and chains also help to shave recovery time. This makes our low emissions Light Duty (Easy Loader) trucks the quickest and safest method of recovery. Their size is ideal for all passenger vehicles and motorcycles.

They are also able to tow vehicles using a dolly system, which picks up all four wheels off the ground. This allows us to tow vehicles that don’t roll, stuck in gear, or are heavily damaged. They are also low-clearance trucks, allowing us access to vehicles in garages as low as a 6’6” clearance! Used to load cars, pick-up trucks, and light vans, this low emissions unit is the fastest loading type wrecker in the industry and is ideal for quick response applications.

Our Light Duty Tow Trucks can tow all makes and models:

  • Cars
  • Vans
  • Minivans / S.U.V
  • Pick-up Trucks • Motorcycles
  • Small trailers

Roadside Service

We provide the following roadside services:

  • Jumpstart (dead battery)
  • Tire change (passenger vehicles, cars, vans, suv, pick-up)
  • Winch-out pull-start
  • Unload / load vehicles and equipment
  • Lock-outs (with proof of ownership)