You’ve Been Towed, Now What? 3 Steps to Take

Did you know that there are around 2 million cars a day trying to find a parking spot in a city with 1 million spots? In New York, it’s a struggle to find parking and this results in about 185,000 cars getting towed a year.

If your big rig is illegally parked and you end up getting towed and with a huge bill. Keep reading and we will walk you through three steps to take after your car has been towed.

3 Steps to Take After Your Car is Towed

You stop after a long night of driving and park your big rig to grab some coffee. When you return and it’s gone you are in a complete panic.

Where is it? How can I get it back? How much is it going to cost? Your mind is racing and you’re filled with a mix of panic and confusion.

We are here to walk you through the three steps you can take after your car is towed and how you can retrieve your truck.

1. Look for a Phone Number

First, if you are illegally parked, even if you didn’t realize it, you will find the number of the place that towed your truck on a nearby sign. There should be a sign that explicitly states you can’t park somewhere, or that you can’t park there during certain hours.

Once you find the sign and phone number, you will be able to call and figure out where your car is being kept. Write down the address and head there as soon as you can.

2. Figure Out Pricing

Before you go to the tow lot, you want to make sure you know the price or what it will cost to get your car or truck back. You also should ask what type of payments they accept.

They might be cash or check only or accept limited types of credit cards. Make sure you have all the information you need before going there.

3. Go to the Tow Lot

Your last step is you need to get to the tow lot, pay to get your truck, and then you should be free to go. Some places may have a holding limit and your car or truck has to stay there for a certain amount of time.

In Need of a Tow Truck

Around 69 million cars break down per year. It’s also important to consider instances where you may need to get your truck or car towed.

You may get in an accident or breakdown on the highway and need help. Or if your tractor trailer turned over into a ditch or on the side of the road.

Hollywood Towing has expert services in big rig towing. They work in five state areas, Texas, New Mexico, Oklahoma, Louisiana, and Arkansas, and are here to help you with your towing needs.

Get Your Car Back

If your big rig or car gets towed, now you know the steps to take to get it back.

Make sure you have all the information, including pricing, payment method, and if there’s a time limit before you show up to get your car.

Go retrieve your car or truck or contact Hollywood Towing if you have questions about needing to tow your car or truck today.