Which Types of Tow Trucks Are Best for Your Job?

Over the years, you’ve driven many cars, and you’ve worked on many more. Now, these once-functioning beasts you boasted about are nothing more than old relics that have taken over your property.

What now? Now, it’s time to eliminate these eyesores. And that means it’s time to call a towing company to get the job done.

With consumer confidence rising between 2015 and 2020, more people purchased cars and hit the open road during this period. And this led to an increase in the likelihood of auto accidents and other automobile issues. So, if you’re in need of towing services in 2021, you’re in good company.

But before you give your towing company a ring, you’ll need to know which types of tow trucks are the best fit for the job.

Here’s a rundown on everything you need to know about the various type of tow trucks commonly used in the industry today.

Let’s dig in!

Flatbed Truck

This type of tow truck features an even, long bed that tilts toward the ground utilizing hydraulic pressure. To operate this type of truck, a towing technician will secure your car using a winch. Then, they’ll slowly move the car onto the truck’s ramp and make the flatbed even again.

With this method, the technician doesn’t have to drag your car behind the towing truck after it has broken down, for example. As a result, towed vehicles are less likely to be damaged when this method is used. It is for this reason that the flatbed truck is often preferred over other towing methods.

Hook and Chain Truck

This type of truck also goes by the name of belt lift or sling lift. These trucks work by attaching chains made from metal to vehicles’ axles or bumpers.

Unfortunately, the practice of connecting a chain to a vehicle bumper or axle can damage a vehicle’s frame. Alternatively, it can scratch up your vehicle’s bumper. For this reason, hook and chain tow trucks usually are used only for transporting vehicles that have been classified as scrap or junk metal.

Wheel Lift Truck

This type of tow truck is akin to a hook and chain one. However, wheel-lift systems don’t damage the bodies of vehicles during the towing process.

Metal frames are inserted underneath the bodies of the vehicles being towed and then lock into place. These frames then lift the vehicles’ front ends using hydraulic systems before the vehicle transport process begins.

Boom Winch Truck

This type of truck is perfect to use if your car needs towing but is in an off-road area that is dangerous.

These trucks come with boom winches that work like cranes. Thus, they can easily extend, lower, and lift a car onto a road for secure hauling.

How We Can Help with Different Types of Tow Trucks

Using various types of tow trucks, we are industry specialists with experience completing towing jobs that are light duty. If you need towing help, we’ll rapidly evaluate your job’s scope and then dispatch the right truck for your needs.

During the towing process, we’ll take all of the necessary precautions for securely transporting your vehicle. Thus, no matter what type of towing job you need help with, you can rest assured that your automobile will be safe in our hands.

Get in touch with us to learn more about how our tow trucks can easily get unwanted vehicles and junk metal off of your hands today.