What to Do In the Event of a Car Breakdown

Did you know that vehicle breakdowns cost the US economy $41 billion per year? The cost is so high because a breakdown is so common. As it can happen to any care at any time, it is important to know what to do in the event of a car breakdown.

Read on to learn about the steps you should take in the event of a breakdown.

Get to a Safe Place

Your car has a breakdown while you are driving, so what do you do first? Before anything, you need to get to a safe place. If you have a car breakdown on the highway, it can be dangerous.

If it isn’t possible to move your vehicle off of the road, at least get yourself out of the way. Even on the highway, you should try to make the closest exit or pull onto the shoulder.

Being around moving traffic is not safe. This means staying out of the car when it is possible to be hit by other cars is important. Before doing anything else, help everyone out of the car and move to an area where you won’t be in danger.

Put Your Hazards On

The next step for what to do if you break down is to put your hazard lights on. This will show others that you are having an issue and they should slow down. If you have a car breakdown at night, it is a good idea to keep all of your lights on too.

Call for Assistance

Being a member of a breakdown service is a plus in these situations. However, they may not be available when you have a vehicle breakdown.

The best thing to do in this situation is to call a towing service. By giving the proper information like your location, someone can be on their way soon to help you out.

Don’t Fix the Problem Yourself

Even if you think the problem is minor, you should never attempt to fix a car breakdown yourself. This can put you in danger, especially if you are on the highway.

Having a towing service pick up your car can be less costly than having a local garage do it. This way, you can handle the problem on your own in a safer place. Of course, this is only if you can fix the issue yourself.

Contact Your Insurance Company

Car breakdown insurance is available through many companies. After experiencing a breakdown, you should contact your insurance provider to see if this is part of your plan.

A car breakdown can be expensive, so it is essential to try to get it covered fully or partially. If you don’t already have car breakdown insurance, you should consider getting it.

Stay Calm After a Car Breakdown

Although it is easier said than done, it is important to stay calm during a car breakdown. By following this guide, you will be safe and know exactly how to handle the situation. Don’t let an issue persist if you tend to experience frequent breakdowns that put you in danger.

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