What Are Fleet Vehicle Recovery Services?

Did you know the average age of a US vehicle fleet is 12.3 years? Aging fleets need extra maintenance, and a backup plan if something goes wrong on the road.

Time means money, and the more time your vehicles are off the road, the less dough you’ll be bringing in. Whether it’s big rig recovery or commercial trucks in your fleet, you’ll lose money if you don’t have a full set.

That’s where fleet vehicle recovery comes in. But what are recovery services? And which ones do you need? Keep reading to find out.

Why Your Fleet Needs Vehicle Recovery

When it comes to a fleet vehicle, there’s no ‘one size fits all’. Maybe you’ve got sales reps and a line of company cars. Or perhaps you’re a nationwide moving company with a ton of commercial trucks to maintain.

Whatever your business, when your drivers are stuck on the side of the road and the vehicle’s out of service, you’ve got problems. Whether it’s a blown-out tire or a long-distance tow, fleet vehicle recovery will get your drivers from A to B, and your vehicles back in business.

Services Offered

When you’re choosing a recovery company, think about your business needs and the services you require. For example, do you have vehicles driving cross-country during the night? Or are your vehicles used strictly during working hours only?

Jot down your must-haves to choose the right service for you.

Roadside Assistance

The best fleet recovery services will offer roadside assistance and will have a range of tools to suit every job. This can be things like jump-starting a flat battery, replacing a tire, or topping up the gas. Roadside assistance means you can drive the vehicle away yourself.


Sometimes, your vehicle can’t be fixed by the roadside, so it’ll need to be towed for repair. This involves hooking your vehicle up to the recovery truck, which will pull it along behind it.


Sometimes, a hauling service is needed. If a vehicle has been in an accident, for example, it might not be safe to have it towed. In this instance, it will be placed on the back of a trailer and driven to safety.

Night-Time Recovery

If your fleet vehicle will be driven through the night, then you need a 24/7 recovery service. This ensures your drivers will be covered when driving at night, and will be rescued from the roadside with a simple phone call.

Local Recovery

How far do your fleet vehicles travel? If you’re a local business, then local recovery services are what you need.

What Are Fleet Vehicle Recovery Services

Fleet vehicle recovery services give you that extra layer of assurance you need for your commercial fleet needs. Your drivers will feel safe and secure while cruising along the highway, and you’ll boost your bottom line by keeping the show on the road.

Save yourself the headache of being stuck on the highway without a ride, and sign up for fleet vehicle recovery. Contact us to schedule yours today.