Tough Jobs: Big Rig Recovery

Many people don’t realize what a tough and demanding job big rig recovery is, requiring mental sharpness along with physical strength and endurance.  And heavy duty towing recovery is 24 hours a day.  Anyone who’s watched the TV series Highway Thru Hell knows exactly what we mean. The #1 series premier ever on Discovery Channel Canada (, it’s a reality show featuring the Jamie Davis heavy rescue team facing some amazing situations in order to keep the highway open. It’s hard enough working with complex recoveries when the road is closed, but with traffic flowing their willingness to face situations that sometimes risk life and limb are pretty amazing.  We truly appreciate and respect our crews, and hope that you’ll slow down and keep your distance to help keep them safe.

Heavy-Duty Towing and Recovery Services

Not just any towing company can handle big rigs.  But straightening out jack-knifes and handling mud winch outs can be pretty straightforward if you have the right equipment.  Even so there’s often special circumstances, and complications just seem to compound one another.  Tight spots, heavy loads, and accident damage all seem to go together.  Here in Texas we don’t face snow, ice, and steep grades but we do need the same sorts of skills to operate our own 35 ton wreckers with dual 35 ton winches, similar to what you see in the show, for our own heavy duty wrecker services.

Recoveries are Different

Heavy-duty recovery is even more difficult with on-the-fly problem solving to deal with load shifts, roll overs, and extensive damage.  That takes a lot more than hooking up and pulling levers on the wrecker.  Our operators need to understand thing like geometry and center of gravity along with all the details of tractor and trailer construction such as frame designs, air brakes, and fifth-wheel locks — not to mention environmental and other regulations for spilled fuel and spilled loads.  Then there’s the proper operation of all sorts of towing and recovery equipment such as skid steers and end loaders and wrecker capabilities such as under-reach and wheel-lift.  Plus fast repairs or quickly hacking off damaged sections.  You really do have to be a Jack of all trades to quickly clear the road while minimizing further damage to the big rig.

Hollywood Towing Company

Starting as an automotive wrecker service some 40 years ago we’ve grown to a leading heavy-duty towing and recovery company serving the Dallas Fort Worth metro.  Over the last decade our heavy duty towing & recovery crews have seen it all.  And we’re ready for just about everything having to do with tractor trailers, flat beds, bucket trucks, dump trucks, cement trucks, construction machinery, and more.  Our expert dispatchers will always send out the right class of driver along with equipment such as cutoff saws and torches as well as high-power lighting for night recoveries.  Like Jamie’s crew we work closely with local law enforcement.  You can count on us for prompt and dependable arrivals, the fastest recovery consistent with safety, and damage-free recovery whenever possible. Hollywood Towing can also directly take care of cargo and equipment transfers.