Tire Problems: 4 Early Warning Signs to Watch For

Do you think that your tires might be damaged? Wondering how to check for tire problems?

While tire problems may seem like they appear out of nowhere, the truth is that there are often early signs to look for that can help give you an indication of what shape they’re in. By keeping your eyes open and being proactive, you can spot tire issues before they become major inconveniences.

Here are the 4 early signs of tire problems that you should look out for.

1. Low Tread Levels

One of the main things you’ll want to look out for when looking for tire problems is the level of tread that is on them.

The tread of your tires will naturally wear down as you drive your vehicle, and once it gets too low, it can cause issues and may lead to accidents. Be sure that the tread on your tires never reaches less than about an eighth of an inch. Once they do, it’s likely time for you to buy new tires.

2. Blisters and Bulges

Another thing you’ll want to pay attention to when checking your tires will be blisters and bulges. These occur when the outside surface of the tire becomes weak and they could be a sign that your car tires are in bad shape.

If your tires have these bulges, getting a flat tire becomes more likely and your tires probably won’t hold up well for long. This could mean that it’s time for a replacement and that you need to visit a tire shop to find out what your replacement options will be.

3. Sidewall Cracking

If you notice that there are cracks in the sidewall of your tires, then it may also be a sign that you need to take note of.

When there are cracks and cuts in the sidewall grooves, it may mean that your tires are beginning to leak ever so slightly. These cracks could also mean that a blowout is possible as well.

If you notice these cracks and cuts then it’s a good idea to take your car to a tire shop and to get your tires replaced as soon as you can.

4. Vehicle Vibration

One of the clear signs that you may have tire issues is if your car has been vibrating more than usual. While there are many possible sources of increased vehicle vibration, it’s often related to tire problems.

If you notice that this is an issue with your vehicle then you’ll want to go get a professional opinion as soon as possible. Taking your car to a repair shop can help you find out more about the issue and whether your tires are due for a replacement.

Watching Out For These Clear Signs of Tire Problems

If you want to keep your car in great shape and avoid breakdowns and blowouts, it’s well worth keeping an eye out for the signs of tire problems listed above. Be sure to stay proactive and be observant if you want to avoid major tire problems.

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