The Benefits of Fleet Recovery Services

Motor vehicle accidents are a significant burden on the U.S. economy. Traffic crashes account for around $350 billion in lost economic activity annually. If your company requires regular use of vehicles, you could benefit significantly from fleet recovery services.

In this article, we’ll cover the benefits of roadside recovery services for your business. Fleet recovery options are more affordable than you might think.

1. Repair Your Car on Site

Many companies rely on a fleet of cars. Whether your company transports medical supplies or automobile parts, roadside assistance can do more than simply towing your company car. Many recovery services employ skilled mechanics who can diagnose the cause of your breakdown.

The mechanic can then repair minor problems. You don’t have to be stranded in the event of a breakdown. A fleet recovery specialist can help keep your business on track and on time.

2. Professional Services

Whether you require roadside assistance in the morning or evening, a professional recovery vehicle and service provider can deliver better quality than a tow truck or friend.

Hollywood Towing provides prompt and polite service. We train our team to locate your vehicle quickly so our team members can repair or tow it. Whenever an accident leaves you stranded on the road, you don’t want the added stress of calling a company you are unfamiliar with.

3. Immediate Response

For any business, lost time is lost money. Every lost hour matters whether your business vehicle was involved in a car crash or breakdown. One way you can avoid the hassle and financial loss associated with car wrecks is by hiring a roadside recovery company to be on call 24/7.

Hollywood Towing’s fleet recovery specialists are trained to work quickly so you are not left on the side of the road for hours at a time.

4. Car Towing Services

As we mentioned earlier, we equip our roadside recovery specialists to repair certain types of mechanical problems. If you are stuck in a ditch, for example, a heavy-duty recovery truck can pull your car out and tow it if needed.

Hollywood Towing’s trucks are equipped to handle towing almost any size vehicle.

5. File an Insurance Claim

If you drive away from the scene of an accident, you risk invalidating your insurance claim.

Your safest bet is to call a fleet service professional. Our highly skilled drivers can help document the accident for insurance purposes.

6. Boost Efficiency

Are you looking for ways to improve the efficiency of your company?

Rather than relying on other workers or an unknown towing company, you can outsource fleet services to a trusted company that is cost-effective and reliable.

Learn More Tips for Effective Fleet Recovery Services

Driving always comes with uncertainties. Fleet recovery services through Hollywood Towing allow your company to enjoy a level of certainty when on the road. We only hired the most skilled drivers, and many of our clients are long-time partners.

Ready to add fleet recovery services to your company? Contact Hollywood Towing today to start the process.