Specialty Towing and Transport

We’re known throughout the Dallas Fort Worth metro area for our prompt and dependable big rig towing services, but we’re also experts in many other out of the ordinary needs.  Does your vehicle, passenger or commercial vehicle need special recovery efforts?  Or extra-special care?  We’re ready!  So there’s no need to worry about or search for off-the-road equipment and cargo transfer services.

Heavy Duty Towing

Heavy-duty towing.  It’s what we do.  Our top-end wreckers have 110,000 pound towing capacity and dual 35-ton winches for vans and delivery trucks and all the way to overturned tractor trailers.  And with special equipment for night-time recoveries we’re ready for jobs other companies delay or turn away.

Special Recovery Rescues

Our vehicle recovery crews are well equipped in terms of both experience and special gear for difficult recoveries beyond mud and ditch retrievals.  That includes underwater and extreme accident recovery.  For less extreme towing needs our fleet includes highly maneuverable and low vertical clearance (6 1/2 feet) tow trucks.

Special Vehicles

Our 40 years in the business of automotive towing serves us well in taking care of special vehicles as well as special situations.  Our long-term customers know all about our extra equipment and skills for damage-free towing of cars, pickups, vans, and more.  With our under-reach, wheel-lift, and dolly tow capabilities, we’re ready for for damage-free towing even for missing-wheel, locked transmission, and other won’t roll vehicles.  Hollywood’s fleet of Kenworth T300 flatbed wreckers are often specifically requested.  The heaviest of their kind, they have a 15,000 pound capacity and a tilt bed that’s 22 feet long and 102 inches (8 1/2 feet) wide.

Transport Services

Our flatbed wreckers and lift equipment also mean that we can quickly and economically handle transfers from off-the-road vehicles, including forklifts, construction vehicles, and other equipment.  We can also take care of transfers and transport of boxed and other cargo to help our business customers meet their commitments.

Hollywood Towing, Dallas / Fort Worth Texas

With decades of experience and dedication to customer satisfaction, our company is TDLR (Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation – https://www.tdlr.texas.gov/) licensed and a member in good standing of several professional towing organizations. We also work regularly with local law enforcement for their accident and impoundment needs.  Our fleet includes light, medium, and heavy-duty tow trucks.  All our operators are background checked, and drug tested and our team includes permitted certified drivers for all classifications.  We’re always ready, 24/7, for your towing, roadside assistance, and fleet towing service needs.