Safest Place To Stop When Your Car Is Having Problems On The Highway

Sometimes, regardless of how much maintenance you put into your vehicle, the unexpected happens. Yet, few places cause more anxiety than the highway. Road hazards can cause a flat tire or puncture a vital system in your vehicle. Even weather conditions can make driving dangerous or give your car or truck some problems. If you have to make an emergency stop on the highway, you should make sure that you are as safe as possible given the situation. Here are a few tips that can keep you out of harm way and even save your life.

On the Highway

If you find yourself having vehicles on the highway, immediately turn on your hazard lights. It is especially important to remain calm. In the best case scenario, exit the highway. Since vehicle are traveling very fast, staying on the highway is the least safe option. However, if circumstances do not allow you to exit the highway, move to the right shoulder if possible. If you cannot make it there move to the left one. The right shoulder is the safer option because it usually allows you to stop the furthest away from traffic flow.

Bad Weather

If you are traveling and having vehicle problems in bad weather, it is best to exit the highway and get to a service station or a place with shelter. However, if you cannot, use an underpass as cover. Turn on your hazard lights to let oncoming traffic aware of your stop.
In either off the above situations, it is best to stay buckled up and call a wrecker from your cellphone. Remember, the highway has even surfaces, high winds from passing cars, and fast traffic hazards that make working on a vehicle extremely dangerous. Even a simple fix like changing a tire could cost you your life.