Roadside Assistance

Stranded beside the road?  We know you don’t always need a tow.  Our 24 hour emergency roadside assistance services will quickly get you back on the road.  Today’s cars more difficult to take care of yourself, and it’s downright dangerous on a busy highway shoulder or median.  Or you may be isolated on a lonely stretch out in the boonies.  Either way our emergency road service is available any time of the day to assist with a flat tire, dead battery or lockout.

Flat Tire

Many people are uncomfortable fixing flat tires, especially jacking up the car with traffic whizzing by.  Sometimes you just can’t get a stubborn lug nut loose.  Road service can quickly remove a flat or blowout and replace it with your spare.  For a slow leak it’s possible to use a truck-mounted air compressor, but it’s far more reliable to go ahead and swap in the spare tire.


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Roadside Assistance – Jump Start

Have a dead battery and need a car jump start?  Rather than asking around for just anybody who has jumper cables, you may want to go with a company you can trust.  Wrecking services such as Hollywood Towing can also perform a winch start to get your motor running.

What caused the problem in the first place?  Car batteries typically last 3-6 years.  The warranty is actually a pretty good indication of when you might have trouble.  A faulty regulator or leaving vehicle accessories or lights on can also leave you without enough juice to crank the engine.  A charge slowly drains away even without use, so if you haven’t driven a vehicle for a while it might need a jump start.  “Roadside assistance” can come to parking lots, garages, and driveways too!

Locked Keys In Car

One of the greatest frustration is peering through a side window at the keys you locked inside.  With the right tools there’s a damage-free way to open the door without the higher expense of a locksmith.


Hollywood Towing

You don’t want just any tow truck.  You want one with a professional operator and an established reputable company behind it.  That’s us.  We’re ready for emergency road service any time of the day or night, any day of the year.  If our emergency service doesn’t get you back on the road, we’re there and ready to tow your vehicle.  That includes mud and other recoveries.

Relax, we will be there right when we say we will.