Medium and Heavy Duty Services

Medium and heavy duty tow trucks aren’t just for 18-wheelers.  And they’re not just for truck towing.

Most towing companies just can’t handle larger vehicles.  Compact cars weigh in at around 3,000 pounds and even SUVs rarely exceed 4,000 pounds.  But a fully-loaded big rig can come in at 80,000 pounds — over 20 times heavier than for light duty towing.  Beyond towing and winching capacity, everything on the wrecker has to be heavy duty.  And the operator needs special training and expertise.

Besides basic towing, our company’s medium and heavy-duty services include recovery from jackknifes and tip-overs as well as off-road mud and sand wench outs.  We even do under water recoveries.  It takes some pretty amazing equipment and skill to do all this damage-free or with minimal additional damage.

What Vehicles Need Heavy Duty Towing Services?

No surprise, the largest vehicles are the most demanding on recovery and towing.  They need a heavy duty tow truck and special expertise.

  • Semi tractor-trailers’ weight alone makes them difficult, and shifting loads make recovery all the more complicated.  It takes an experienced operator to keep everyone safe and avoid damage to the trailer.
  • Bobtails, garbage trucks, and other big rigs need the sheer power of a heavy-duty tow truck plus special equipment for under-reach and wheel-lift.
  • Buses’ weight, shape, and length also call for high tow and winch capacity along with special equipment such as extended wheel lifts.
  • Motor homes also present special challenges and many require heavy-duty equipment.

Why Medium-Duty Tow Trucks?

The biggest wreckers are expensive, and can be overkill for smaller trucks.  Medium duty wreckers are more economical, and are more maneuverable while still providing superior winching and towing capacity needed for large vehicles.  They’re often the only choice in confining situations, but they’re best suited for vehicles in the range of 10,000 to 30,000 GVW (gross vehicle weight).  That makes them the ideal choice for these types of vehicles.

  • FedEx, UPS, and other delivery trucks,
  • Box trucks, utility trucks, landscape trucks, and walk-ins,
  • Campers, RVs, and Class-C motor homes, and
  • large vans, shuttles, and small buses.

With special equipment they’re also commonly used for commercial roadside assistance.

Hollywood Towing

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