Heavy Duty Recovery

When you’ve had more than a breakdown or tire problem you need more than just a driver/operator for heavy duty towing.  That especially true for dealing with overturned tractor-trailers, semi recovery services for a loaded vehicle that’s off the road and into the woods, and many other types of truck accidents.  You need a big rig recovery expert with extensive experience and all the right recovery equipment.  From stuck in the mud on a soft shoulder to under water, heavy duty recovery specialists like Hollywood Towing are ready for just about anything in the Dallas / Fort Worth metro area.  By choosing a company with a 24 hr dispatch center manned by professionals you should never settle for anything less than prompt on-time arrivals and efficient recovery services with time-saving heavy truck wreckers and equipment.

Big Rig Recovery Service

Which vehicles require heavy duty recovery services?  By definition, any vehicle over 26,000 pounds.  Practically, besides semi recovery and tractor-trailer rigs, that can include large buses and bucket trucks as well as loaded step vans and delivery trucks.  If it’s late in the day you may also need secure overnight storage and impoundment services beyond the capacities of ordinary wrecking companies.  We’ve been providing all that for the Dallas – Fort Worth metroplex 24/7/365 for over 10 years, with a great reputation for reliable and professional services.

Heavy Duty Tow Trucks

For heavy truck towing and recovery you need big rig towing wreckers that provide all of the necessary power and features such as under-reach and wheel-lift capabilities to handle those special situations with no additional damage.  Our wreckers have 110,000 pound towing capacities for a big safety margin, along with dual 35-ton air winches and winch brakes, so that fully-loaded big rig recovery is no problem. Of course, we also send a well-trained and properly licensed driver of the right classification.

Heavy Duty Recovery Equipment

Often just getting clear access to the vehicle and freeing it for removal is a major undertaking. It doesn’t matter if it’s part of semi recovery services or “just” taking care of a large van. That’s why you’ll also need heavy duty recovery service experts.  And they’ll need all the right equipment.  When it comes to that special gear and those special skills, experience really counts. Every hour matters, and we’re ready to work ’round the clock. Considering all that, you’ll realize that an outstanding dispatcher who can understand your situation is critical in sending out everything necessary on the very first trip.  It’s all part of what we do.
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