Common Big Rig Towing and Recovery Problems

Big rigs are sometimes a big problem simply because common wrecking companies can’t handle them.  You need specialized big rig towing services.  In cases of off the road and in a ditch or mud – or in the case of many accidents – you need a big rig recovery specialist.  But you already know that!

You’ll be glad to know that Hollywood Towing serves the greater Dallas – Fort Worth Metro area, specializing in tractor-trailer semis and other heavy-duty towing and recovery services.  We’re TDLR licensed and all of our drivers are certified and permitted.  Although North Central Texas and surrounding states are our primary service areas, Hollywood Towing operates under IRP authority and is apportioned throughout the US. We can bring your big rig back to the DFW area, or return it to your home or depot location.

We’re Well Prepared for Big Rigs

Hollywood Towing is ready to handle almost any 18-wheeler or heavy-vehicle problem. In addition to well over a decade of experience our fleet features top of the line heavy-duty wreckers with trained, certified operators. Our combination of experienced operators, top of the line wreckers, and expertise puts us in the driver’s seat for heavy-duty towing and recovery services for big rigs and a variety of other vehicles and equipment.  Our towing and recovery services are ready for

  • bucket trucks,
  • dump trucks,
  • loaded step vans,
  • machinery, forklifts, and construction equipment,
  • school buses,
  • semis, and tractor-trailers.

Our recovery services are fast and dependable.

Common Situations

Here are some of the many situations we’re experienced with:

  • Accident recovery and cleanup
  • Cargo transfer
  • Fully loaded semi-trailers. With big rigs at maximum weights on the order of 80,000 pounds an undersized tow-truck can become a big problem.  Our dispatchers always send out the right wrecker and operator.  Our skilled drivers know there’s a lot more to consider than “can I pull it down the road.”  They understand the limits for safe towing and stopping at highway speeds.  Our heavy-duty wreckers with 110,000 pound capacity and two 35-ton winches are up to the job.
  • Jackknifingand other special situations can demand extensive experience and more than a little creativity on the part of the operator to quickly clear the roadway and get the semi ready for towing
  • Roadside assistance
  • Soft-shoulder and mud extractions with winching back on to pavement.

Are You Curious?

Although written mostly for the general public, is an interesting read.  For example: although these 3 states represent 27% of the US population, 35% of all 18-wheelers are registered in Texas, Florida, and California.  That’s over 1/3 of all in the country.