Big Rig Tow Services

We’ve told you about our 110,000 pound towing capacity heavy duty towing and recovery fleet.  But big rig tow services need much more than that.  They need skilled operators with a focus on safety.  And a tow truck company you can depend on for prompt service and efficient work.

Need a Big Rig Tow Service?

Our most common big rig tow services are to clear a jack knife or other accident from the road, winch out a loaded semi truck back onto the road, and tow a stubborn mechanical breakdown to a nearby mechanic.  But we’re well equipped to handle rollovers and other major accidents.  You may also need a heavy duty towing service for swap outs.

Then You Need…

First and foremost a tow truck service must be TDLR (Texas Department of Licensing and Registration) licensed and must adhere to all laws and regulations.  If semi truck towing (or any towing for that matter) crosses a state line the wrecker service must be licensed in that state as well.  Hollywood serves north central Texas and is apportioned for Arkansas, Louisiana, New Mexico, and Oklahoma to meet you long distance big rig towing needs.

Every hour an important asset is out of commission costs you money.  Big time.  And a long wait for a delivery can cost you a customer.  So your tow truck service must be prompt and highly dependable.  Our operators are highly trained and experienced.  Our vehicles and equipment are inspected daily and receive full maintenance right on schedule.

For heavy duty towing & recovery you’ll need a Class C wrecker.  That in turn means a gross tow truck weight of at least 46,000 pounds, a boom rated for at least 50,000 pounds, a single winch rated at 50,000 pounds (or one of at least 25,000 pounds with additional winches to bring up the total) and with 5/8″ (or larger) cable, a wheel lift rated for at least 12,000 pounds, and air brakes. Our towing service fleet more than fills the bill.

We’re ready for just about any heavy duty towing job, regardless of the vehicle to be towed.  That includes

  • box trucks,
  • bucket trucks,
  • construction vehicles,
  • dump trucks,
  • flat beds,
  • semis,
  • step vans and delivery trucks,
  • tankers,
  • tractor-trailers, loaded and unloaded.

Finally, any company that doesn’t offer commercial accounts isn’t serious about big rig tow services.


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