5 Facts About Automotive Fleet Recovery We’ll Bet You Didn’t Know

Managing an automotive fleet means that every little detail and obstacle can slow down a literal truckload of transportation. When your vehicles get stranded, you need competent vehicle recovery services to get you back on schedule.

Automotive fleet recovery is much more than simple towing. We here at Hollywood Towing put a lot into making sure that you get a quality service in addition to getting your vehicles back on track.

Covering the wide variety of vehicles in any automotive fleet means understanding what automotive fleet recovery can do! Let’s dive in and show you some surprising facts about automotive fleet recovery you may not know!

1. Wide Range of Tools for the Job

To make sure we can service a wide variety of vehicles that can make up any automotive fleet, you need a wide variety of high-quality tools.

Did your truck get stuck in a rough patch of mud? Tred recovery boards and cable winches can pull you right out. Is a simple unexpected flat tire stranding you on the side of the road? A quality jack and a replacement tire are here to the rescue. We have the tools for any problem on the road.

2. 24/7 Customer Service

Problems don’t wait for decent business hours. Quality automotive fleet recovery means responding to the problems as they happen and without a moment to lose. This means a good 24/7 customer service line is there to help.

Operating at night can be dangerous, but we work at all hours, with qualified specialists and lighting equipment to find and help you at any hour.

3. TDLR Licenses

It takes more than a desire to help to have the qualifications for good automotive fleet recovery. Every local, state, and federal government has a wide array of regulations and we meet and surpass them all.

Each of our employees has their licenses certified and up-to-date with the Texas Department of Licenses and Regulation, making sure you are in good hands with every service.

4. Long Distances for Towing and Hauling

While we operate in the Dallas Fortworth Metroplex area, that does not mean we stop serving you in our little corner of the country. An automotive fleet often needs to move thousands of miles across the country and we are here to help.

With quality automotive fleet recovery, towing your vehicle to safety is only the beginning. When we ensure good service, we make sure you end up where you need to be so you don’t lose a single moment of time.

5. Works With Almost Any Vehicle

An automotive fleet may contain a big group of 18-wheeler diesel trucks to transport cargo or it may be a huge variety of construction vehicles for building and demolishing. There is a dizzying array of different automotive fleets in the world and we plan to tackle all of them.

We can tow any vehicle and secure any ride. Your business doesn’t stop our business.

Protecting and Securing Your Automotive Fleet with Hollywood Towing

With quality automotive fleet recovery services, you will never have to fret about all the little bothers that get in your way. From flat tires to mishaps with mud, you are secure in getting to where you need to go.

We here at Hollywood Towing are happy to help. Still not convinced? Check out these testimonials and contact us today!