4 Key Benefits of Hiring a Tow Truck Business

What did you do the last time your vehicle broke down on the freeway? Phone a friend? Calling a friend isn’t the worst choice when you need a tow, but you do have a better option.

When you finish reading this post, you’ll understand why a tow truck driver is your best friend when it comes to moving a vehicle. Take a minute and discover 4 benefits of hiring a tow truck business.

There When You Need Help

Towing companies work 24/7 and 365 days a year. That means you won’t stay stranded on a roadside in the middle of the night wondering if you’re being watched by hungry coyotes.

On a more serious note, day or night, you can trust a towing company to get there quickly and get your car moved safely.

Towing Companies Carry Insurance

Going back to the idea of phoning a friend to help tow your vehicle—what kind of insurance does your friend carry?

You hope they at least have personal auto insurance if they’re driving to pick you up. Beyond that, if they allow you to attach your vehicle to theirs, well, there’s no coverage for that. If they damage your vehicle or get in an accident while towing it, you’re both out of luck.

A tow truck business, on the other hand, carries several types of insurance.  If something happens to your vehicle while it’s in tow, you’re covered.

Training and Expertise

There’s more to towing a vehicle than hooking it up to a truck or rolling it up on a flatbed and driving away.

Towing companies use highly skilled tow truck operators. Tow truck drivers go through training and in many cases earn certifications, especially for heavy-duty towing jobs.

These drivers understand vehicles of all sizes. They know how to move them in demanding situations such as inclement weather or when someone puts their vehicle in a ditch.

If You Drive It They Can Tow It

Drivers need all kinds of vehicles towed, including their daily ride, high-end performance cars, RVs, and buses.

A qualified tow truck driver can tow anything from your super duty pick-up truck to your Class A home on wheels. They can even tow that big ‘ole bass boat to dry storage!

Everyone loves Mater, the adorable tow truck from a popular kid’s movie. Mater isn’t the one who shows up to tow your vehicle home.

Towing companies today use a variety of trucks including:

If you can drive it, a tow truck driver can tow it!

Need to Hire a Tow Truck Business?

Now you see why a tow truck business makes an excellent friend when you need to move a vehicle, right?

They’re available when you need them. They show up with the right tools. They have the skills needed to get your vehicle out of danger (or keep it safe).

If you need a vehicle moved, contact us today. There’s no vehicle we can’t handle!