3 Reasons for Hiring a Heavy Duty Towing Service in Dallas, TX

The average vehicle weighs around 4,000 pounds which a regular tow truck can handle moving. But what happens when you have a much larger vehicle that weighs several times that in need of assistance?

When you have a tractor, bus, trailer, motor home, or any other oversized vehicle that needs to be moved you’ll need to call a specialty heavy duty towing company. Their trucks are actually designed to handle that large amount of weight easily. Call on the professionals and leave the rest up to them!

Not sure when you should call in a heavy duty tow truck? This guide breaks down the three most common reasons for hiring this kind of Dallas towing company.

1. Mechanical Breakdown

The engines and all of the mechanical parts that make up a large vehicle are very intricate. Each piece must be working right in order for the whole thing to move down the road and fixing them is a huge task.

For most of these large engines, it’s not possible to do any repair work on the side of the road. Simply because you won’t be able to reach them and don’t have the specialty tools on hand. But a heavy duty tow truck can take it to a repair shop where the job can get done much faster.

2. Vehicle in the Water

Heavy duty tow trucks aren’t only used to deal with major vehicles that are stuck. There are times when their power is necessary to move even smaller cars, like when they’re drowned in a body of water.

These tow trucks’ wench can be hooked up to the vehicle (large or small) and then slowly wound up pulling it out of the water. Since it will be filled with so much liquid, you’ll need the power of the heavy duty tow truck to be able to get it completely recovered.

3. Accident Recovery

Auto accidents often put vehicles in strange positions that are difficult to move from. When a car high centers or has a rollover, they can’t simply turn the car on and drive away. A towing service will be needed to reposition the car and then tow it away if necessary. This way everyone can stay as safe as possible and the job can get done fast.


Reasons You May Need Heavy Duty Towing

Large vehicles, like tractors or buses, play a very important role in many situations and can’t be replaced. They get the job done in a way smaller vehicles can’t.

So when they break down or can’t be moved, it’s important to call a heavy duty towing company in quickly. This way you can get your vehicle where you need it to be so repairs can be made and you can get back on the road fast! There’s no substitute or shortcut in these situations, it’s better to call in the professionals right away!

Our fleet was created specifically with these kinds of jobs in mind. If you’re in need of heavy duty towing services in the Dallas, Texas area, contact us today!