24 Hour Towing

It’s just human nature to feel like emergencies happen at the worst possible time, even when they’re random.  But we provide prompt towing 24 hour 7 days a week for a reason.  Night time conditions add to the likelihood of an accident.  It’s more difficult to judge distances in the dark, and most drivers are tired if not outright sleepy.  Animals are also more likely to dart out onto the road.  Because of this you should drive 5 MPH below the speed limit for safety, but most people don’t.

There are other reasons for 24-hour emergency towing as well.  No one likes to be stranded in the dark, especially when there aren’t any nearby businesses open.  But the later it is the more reluctant people are to call family or friends.  So we’re ready with well-marked trucks and professional operators.  For commercial drivers, and especially for big rigs, every hour costs money and could risk losing a contract.  So our dispatchers make sure to send out the right class of operator, wrecker, and equipment for an efficient recovery and tow.
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Night Roadside Assistance, Recovery, and Tow

Those same night conditions also make work even more dangerous for our emergency service and tow truck drivers.  But you can count on us to be there for you whether you need a can of gas, a jump start, emergency towing, or accident recovery in the middle of the night.

The Dark Side of Towing

Hollywood Towing is TDLR (Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation) licensed and regularly works in cooperation with Dallas / Fort Worth law enforcement agencies.  We want you to keep our phone number in case you ever need roadside assistance or towing again.  But there are a few companies out there who stretch or break the rules to make as much as they can, and hope they never hear from you again.


Most towing services are legit, but a few take advantage of the extra stress of night time emergencies.  That’s usually in the form of surprise extra charges, sometimes totaling several times what was quoted over the phone.  They often intercept radio dispatches from other companies, so be very suspicious if a different tow truck service than the one you called arrived.  The wrecker should be well marked, and the tow truck operator should present their TDLR  photo ID.  If they don’t, request it.  You should also receive a written estimate of all charges before towing begins.

Private Lots and 24 Hour Tow-Aways

You may return to a parking lot in the wee hours and discover that your vehicle has been towed for illegal parking — a “private property tow.”  Many towing companies drive around looking for violators themselves in the middle of the night when almost everyone is asleep.

That’s perfectly legal when a couple of requirements are met, and that’s usually the case.  First, there must be signage specifying parking limitations and the phone number to call in case of a tow.  Second, the property owner must have specifically requested the tow or given a “general authorization” to the tow truck service.

If by chance you arrive before the tow truck driver has hooked up to your vehicle there should not be any charge.  If they’ve hooked up they can charge you, and you’re obligated to pay (but not in advance), and they must release your vehicle.

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